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Welcome Veterans Inc.

We are excited and extremely proud to announce our 20th program partnership with Veterans Inc.

We are honored & privileged to provide services and work alongside all the Veterans within Worcester County, and the Veterans Inc. Independence Hall facility in Shrewsbury, MA.

Revive’s ongoing commitment will be to educate their clients on how to implement coping and healing methods through the Revive Group Movement Therapy & Nutrition Programs. We will also introduce Veterans Inc. to our extensive support network to help Veterans stay connected while in treatment and for after-treatment care, helping the clients sustain and amplify not just their treatment but their transformation into long-term sobriety.

Thank you Veterans Inc for making and keeping your commitments to bettering your clients mental and physical health, by adding new ways to ease and solidify the transition of early sobriety. The human connection and engagement can be difficult to come by these days, but that’s where Revive comes in, literally!!

It was an incredible sight to see staff and clients move, laugh, sweat, fight, overcome, and heal together. God bless Veterans Inc. for their commitment to save those who saved us!

“Move a muscle, move a thought!”

Veterans Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, is the largest provider of supportive services to veterans and their families across New England. Learn more about their services here:

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