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Revive is dedicated to empowering our clients to overcome challenges, accomplish goals and implement health and exercise habits that create a sense of commitment, passion, and love for themselves and their journey to long-term sobriety. Revive helps to reduce the negative consequences of addiction on families, workplaces, and our communities as a whole.

We are always seeking ways to improve our organization through partnerships, sponsors and those who seek our services. Learn more about the impact Revive of the USA has on its community and beyond.

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The testimonials from Revive's members and partners not only showcase the positive impact of our organization on individual lives, but also serve as a testament to the effectiveness of a holistic approach to addition recovery that emphasizes fitness, health, and community.


Revive's blog offers a wealth of informative and inspiring articles on addiction recovery, fitness, health and wellness, designed to empower individuals and their families in their journey toward sobriety.

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