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Trainer & Coaching Program Options


In-house training & trainer

Upon completion of the 3-4 weeks Revive program at the facility, a leader of the house will be designated and will then be responsible to participate and complete the Revive Coaching Certification Program, which includes:

  • Reading and studying the Revive Training Manual

  • Complete and pass Revive Manual Exam

  • 4- 6 weeks of hands-on Fitness Training

  • Training 1-2 hours per week (either at the facility or in the field)

  • Will begin a cuing observation/”in-field” hours. A minimum of 8 hours of observation is required

Field Coach

A certified trainer will come into your facility once or twice a week (based on the program's availability) for 1 hour.

This includes:

  • 60-minute Revive Full Body Stretch and Workout Routine

    • 15-minute dynamic warm-up

    • 30-minute full-body circuit training/conditioning

    • 10-minute cooldown 

  • This also includes nutritional handouts and suggestions to more holistic approaches that will help you bring your new lifestyle full circle.

Facility Partnerships & Coaches

Revive Training Sessions can take place in local partnered fitness facilities to further the client's experience and growth, and most importantly, to “bridge” the residents of these treatment programs back into their community. This helps them sustain and amplify the quality of their life during and after their current treatment program has been completed.


Coaches (In-House & Field)

Upon arriving on site and introducing The Revive Program, we will be looking for an enthusiastic, driven, and accountable in-house trainer to instruct these training sessions in the near future. At Revive, we feel having someone who has graduated from a recovery program is a great fit to lead these workout sessions because of the connection to the program and residents, but because this is an individual who has gone through the recovery process, has built a solid foundation of positive support networks, and can speak from experience.


The in-house trainer will also be responsible for maintaining a high level of positive and infectious energy to keep the residents engaged and motivated throughout each workout session. Past experiences has shown us that being able to offer potential career options to future graduating residents and to house managers, triggers more purpose and fulfillment in their new life. We also feel that having an “in-house coach” makes it more convenient to incorporate the Revive Program either daily or 3-4 times a week (if desired), it will be much more efficient to have a Revive Coach as close and available to the designated location as possible.

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