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george T. testimony

Hi, my name is George.

I'm a 58 year old man in recovery. I want to talk about my experience with Lake Avenue Recovery and Revive.

After I relapsed for the fourth time in two years, usually about every six months I would relapse, thankfully I was called out for it and sent to Lake Ave Recovery.

While at Lake Ave I experienced a totally different approach than the usual PHP or IOP. Things were open and relaxed, thoughtful, and planned for interactive sessions. Among these sessions was one that I had no idea the impact it would have (and still does) on my recovery, that session was called Revive.

My first time at Revive made me think, this could be good, my second time doing Revive made me a believer.

What Revive is, Coach Anthony could tell you more about, I’m writing to say what I believe it is and what it has done for me. It showed me while in recovery there are three things that are important in achieving my goal:

1) Mental - clear mind and the will not to quit

2) Spiritual - belief in some type of higher power, mindfulness

3) Physical - stay in motion, staying busy in a positive way keeps negative thoughts out

Before Revive I personally thought I was doing everything right but would relapse, Revive showed

me what I was missing. Having a great workout not only cleared my mind but it made room for positive thoughts like going for more walks, eating better, and taking better care of myself. The different stretches and exercises are set up for all, normally there are different levels. I once witnessed a woman doing Revive in a dress and high heels. If you think anything is too hard there is always another way of doing the exercise/stretch or simply rest.

Coach Anthony or one of his staff will help you through the session with positive energy and enthusiasm. At the end everyone gets in a circle and tosses a ball around while discussing their goals for the week or how they want to improve in life, whether planning a better diet, setting personal or work goals.

I have been alcohol feel since July 17, 2020 and looking forward to continuing my sober life.... along with Revive.

Keep the Faith

- George T.

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