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How you can support us

Below you will see specific programs that we service free of charge.  You can select the specific program you would like to fund - follow the donation steps and you can contribute directly through various payment options.  100% of your sponsorship donation will be applied to the specific program you select. As a sponsor, you will receive a monthly update for the recovery house you have selected along with pictures [where possible] of the Revive experience and see the impact of your donation for the Recovery house you chose to support.

Revive of the USA, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 is a non-profit organization, which will allow all the contributing donors giving to Revive to apply a 100% of their donations as a tax deduction. Revive of the USA, Inc. Federal Tax ID# 84-2608162.

Revive Alumni Programs are a Success!


Designed to assist individuals with long-term success.  We partner with fitness facilities in the areas we service and run weekly training sessions at no cost to the individual. This allows the graduating patient to continue their movement journey with an active sober community. Because we run this program at no cost to the individual, it allows them the resources to continue our holistic post-treatment. Another piece that can significantly improve success & survival in early recovery.

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