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“We have noticed a positive change in our patients. The days Revive comes, the patients show positive energy level and are taking better care of themselves.” -Jenna, Clinical Director, Blue Hills Recovery

“The Revive Program is amazing. Coach Cassie & Coach Anthony are such a positive force with an incredible story and passion for recovery.” - Patient, The Haven Detox

" Revive was always the best part of my day & treatment. With the help of Revive and The Haven Detox, I am one step closer to healthier, happier, and more sober mind & body. Thank you Revive and God Bless.” -Patient, The Haven Detox, Worcester, MA

“Anthony’s willingness to adjust as needed has been a lifesaver for us as we work to start up the program.  Revive’s flexibility and “get the job done as any cost” has been just what we needed.” -Ashley, Program Director, Lake Avenue Recovery

“Keep doing what you’re doing! Your team is helping more than you know!” -Jenna, Clinical Director, Blue Hills Recovery

“This program improves my quality of life!” -Patient

“Helps get me moving and builds confidence!” -Patient

“While at Lake Ave I experienced a totally different approach then the usual PHP or IOP. Things were open and relaxed, thoughtful and planned for interactive sessions. Among these sessions was one that I had no idea the impact it would have (and still does) on my recovery, that session was called Revive. Before Revive I personally thought I was doing everything right but would relapse, Revive showed me what I was missing.” - George T., 57 year old patient at Lake Ave Recovery

“The Revive program has done more than help our clients. lt has given them the opportunity to feel good about themselves. lt has allowed them to be who they are but yet have someone to help them alone their journey of exercising and recovery. Due to Anthony and Revive dedication to Beryl's, House some of our ladies are eating better, sleeping more, and exhibit less stress and frustration. But, most of all they look forward to this group and miss it when it doesn't happen. This is an amazing program and we are very appreciative.” - Clinician, Beryl's House

“I am a strong advocate for Revive and what it has done for our ladies at Beryl's House' They have learned the importance of exercising, being consisted, proper diet, being mindful of their mind , body, and diet. The transformation the ladies feel is amazing . They appear to be more secure in what they can do and not on dwelling on what they can't.” - Clinician, Beryl's House

"Revive has increased confidence and positive mood for our patients, it has provided the ability to for patients to HAVE an experience instead of just discussing an experience." - Program Director, Lake Ave

“Our clients seem to feel more energized, less stressed, and want to continue staying active in doing things within the rest of their day. -Christina, Case Manager, Beryl’s House 

“Patients consistently report that their mood and motivation is higher after days where they participate in Revive. “ -Ashley, Program Director, Lake Avenue Recovery

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