sponsorship opportunities

To aide in funding for the Recovery houses that are unable to provide donations, and to help offset the Revive support, we are offering a “sponsorship” program that will directly align your donation to a Recovery house in need!

The sponsorship program is designed to improve our clients’ health, well-being, and quality of life by
empowering them to overcome challenges, accomplish their goals, and implement new health/exercise habits that will create a deep sense of love, commitment, and passion for themselves and their journey to revitalization. 

Below you will see an outline of the various recovery houses that are currently part of the Revive experience listed. The status of each recovery house and the funding needed for each is also outlined, from there you can select the recovery house you would like to sponsor – please follow the donation steps that will allow you to contribute directly through various payment options.

Additionally, one hundred (100) percent of your sponsorship donation will be applied to the selected
recovery house. Revive of the USA, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 is a non-profit organization, which will allow all the contributing donors giving to Revive to apply a 100% of their donations as a tax deduction. Revive of the USA, Inc. Federal Tax ID# 84-2608162.


Lastly, as a sponsor, you will receive a monthly update for the recovery house you have selected along with pictures [where possible] of the Revive experience and see the impact of your donation for the Recovery house you chose to support.