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Anthony's story

Co-Founder, Vice President, and Head Trainer Anthony Bizzotto is a recovering addict/alcoholic himself, with over 6 years of sobriety. Anthony’s addiction started when he was in his late teens until he was 27 years old. All of our trainers/coaches have experience with addiction and recovery, either being a recovering addict themself or having family/friends close to them who have been effected by the disease.

As a non-profit that was started by a former substance abuse addict, we are aware of the struggles that plague our nation regardless of what stage of addiction a person is in. It is our belief based on scientific research, that physical exercise will not only benefit participants that are in recovery but also serves as a protective barrier for individuals that are on the edge of relapse, struggling with active addiction or are high-risk.

It was during Anthony's inpatient detox program that he thought to himself "why don't we have someone here to help us get moving in this critical phase?" Patients were receiving care and information on how to make their brains choose a different path then substances, but their bodies were not being given equal care and information to balance the recovery process.

It was during this time that Anthony started to work out one day with his roommate in a small, makeshift gym that was at the facility he was a patient at. Each day the number of patients that came to workout with Anthony at the program grew. Within 4 days 5 more men were coming to workout. This experience was the catalyst for Anthony (VP) and Amy (President) to start Revive Inc.

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